Depending on your field and the physical requirements of your job, your employer may require you to undergo a physical examination either as part of your hiring process or to ensure you can still meet standards in order to perform your job safely. Results of a physical cannot be used to discriminate against a potential hire or current employee and will not be included as part of your official medical history. Your medical records will be kept private before and after the examination. If you have a disability, your employer will be required to provide a reasonable level of accommodation for your candidacy for the position. The circumstances involved with needing an employment physical, as well as the type of tests performed may vary based on several factors.

What fields may require an employment physical?

Nearly any employer can require employees to submit to an employment physical as part of their hiring process. Fields where a physical examination and drug test are more prevalent include civil and government jobs, pilots, military, driving, and healthcare. While a government employee, healthcare provider or truck or bus driver may need to submit to periodic drug or alcohol screenings, police officers and firefighters may need to undergo a full physical exam to check for any conditions or injuries that may affect your ability to perform necessary duties without injuries themselves or others.

Types of Employment Physicals

Your medical provider will be provided with specific standards and exams required for the position. Exams that may be administered include:

Drug & Alcohol Screens

There are several reasons why your employer may require a drug screen, including accident reduction and working to improve productivity. There are several types of tests that can be administered, including blood or urine test. Drug screens can be processed quickly in our on-site lab, providing you with results often before the end of your appointment.

Physical Exams & Ability Testing

If your profession requires a great deal of physical activity, you may be tested on a number of abilities. If you are applying to be a police officer, firefighter or joining a branch of the military, you may need to be tested on your endurance, strength, and flexibility. If running and lifting are a routine aspect of the job, you may be required to take an EKG to check your cardiovascular health.

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